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travel wanderlust

While there are many things I miss about pre-pandemic life, besides hugs and kisses with my loved ones, the thing I miss the most is travel – especially world travel. I am thankful and fortunate that my parents began showing me the world at a very young age, which sparked my travel wanderlust. Traveling invigorates […]

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vision boards

Every project starts with a vision. Clients hire us to turn their ideas & dreams into a reality, yet many have a hard time visualizing what that reality will look like. For this reason, we begin the design process with vision boards – a collection of images and pictures – that provide inspiration, and help […]

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original artwork

Spending more time at home lately has inspired me to get back into expressing myself through the creation of art – beyond the sole parameters of architecture. My dual heritage, combined with my sense of wanderlust, has long fueled my passion for art and culture. I am a self-taught artist who began painting as a […]

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