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it’s all in the details

“The details are not just details, they make the design.” – Charles Eames

Being detail-oriented, I connect with this quote so much – both personally and professionally. My eye is drawn to the details of everything around me, and I can’t help but put a strong attention to detail into my designs. It’s the details that add dimension, structure and complexity to our world.

In my personal fife, I am fortunate to have traveled to many different parts of the world. I have been exposed to many cultures, and have gained so much inspiration by focusing on the details along the way. Yet even in my day-to-day activities, I am constantly inspired by the details of my surroundings. I’m always touching, feeling, and exploring spaces as I walk through them.

Professionally, I am very aware of how details make the space. When designing, I love adding elements for people to discover, and give hints to the unexpected. By doing so, the details begin to unfold as you explore the space. The details add the extra layer to the design, and give the final touches.

I challenge you to look a little more closely to the details around you to gain some unexpected inspiration. I promise that your next walk in the park or trip to the store will be a whole new experience if you do!