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modern bath renovation

While we often focus on larger renovations, sometimes you may only need to refresh one room, like we did in this small master bath in the industrial Arizona Lofts building.   After talking with the client about her needs, we combined her desired outcome while keeping cost considerations in mind, and developed a design concept that she was excited about.  The client did not want to move the plumbing, so we were able to keep the costs down, but still make an older and tired space become a fresh, modern space. 

We updated everything including the lighting, tile (both floor and shower), the vanity, and plumbing fixtures.  The result was this sleek new master bath that was lighter and brighter. 

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before/after views

It’s always a good reminder that not all updates need to be large-scale.  Your space may only need attention in one room, but that can make all of the difference in how you feel in your home.