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complete basement renovation

When we were hired by a family to update their basement, the water damage that it had sustained made the choice for a complete renovation versus a repair the best decision.  The client’s ultimate goal was to make this a space desirable as an apartment to rent, while keeping the cost down.  Our firm created a design concept to make the space more streamlined – modern, clean, and updated – yet cost effective for the client.

The original space was dark and dated.  The materials were older, and the space felt constricted.

We re-worked the stairs to help with the flow of the space.  IKEA cabinets and kitchen island, as well as new porcelain tiles that look like wood achieved a clean, modern look while staying on budget.  All the new lighting installed was LED in order to be energy conscious, as well as to help make up for the lack of windows in the bedroom/sitting area.  Soothing colors were used throughout the space to allow a tenant to decorate however they see fit.  Everything became lighter and brighter, and the space more cohesive.

With our design concept achieved, our client’s goals were reached, and the space has been successfully rented out since the renovation was completed.