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creative process

We are in a strange time right now and everyone is dealing with it in different ways. I have noticed that many people are turning to creative outlets, which is what our business is all about. I thought it might be timely to share my personal creative process as it relates to my designs:

Creating/Designing/Drawing is a process that requires a solid block of time. It isn’t something that can be done in short snippets. This is why I strategically schedule blocks of time on my calendar – time alone – where I can focus on turning my conceptual ideas into an actual design without interruption.

Like many other designers, music plays a major role in my creative process.  While in the early stages of sketching I need music without words – like classical or lounge music – so there are no distractions.  However, once I’ve got a design, I like something more upbeat to match my tempo as I crank out my drawings.

Finally, where I work and what I use is key for me to turn my ideas into designs. I still sketch by hand at my drawing desk; and I continue to use yellow tracing paper (trash) and ink for my sketches as I have since college.  This allows me to sketch over, and on top of, what I’ve already drawn so the design has the opportunity to evolve.  I frequently sketch AND sketch AND sketch, sometimes to the point of frustration.  When this happens I find that by walking away for a while, I will return and see that the design is exactly as I had envisioned.

Every designer has his or her own creative process, but our end goal is the same – to exceed our client’s expectation.